Client Commentary

Barry and his staff were very helpful. He responded to all my calls in a timely manner. It did not matter if he was at work or what time it was, he took the time to give me advice, even in matters unrelated to my case. He was a great sounding board and gave me wonderful advice. He made it very easy to deal with my case. I will pass his name along to anyone who might need it.

~ B.S.

Being arrested for aggravated child molestation was the worst moment of my life.  Listening to a friend's advice and hiring Barry Hazen was the smartest decision I could have made.  From the bond hearing through the "not guilty" verdict at trial, Barry worked the case as if he was facing the 30-year prison term, not me.  There was no legal trickery or reliance on technicalities.  Barry dealt strictly with facts and was so much better prepared for trial than the prosecutor that the state's case began falling apart as soon as their first witness began answering Barry's questions.  No attorney will give you a better chance at winning your criminal case than Barry Hazen.

~ Greg Leontovich Author, Teacher Molestation:  An Educator Battles False Allegations

The law office of Barry Hazen handled my son’s case in an excellent manner. I recommend Attorney Hazen to anyone who needs him. His professionalism and service are superb. I always received a call back and was kept informed of the status of my son’s case. His staff is wonderful.

~ E.H.

I never thought the day would come when I would need the assistance of a Defense Attorney.  That dreadful day came and I didn't know what direction to go in.  However, Barry Hazen’s law firm was recommended to me by a friend. I called Barry Hazen on the phone and he told me to come to his office the next day. I am thankful to God for what Barry Hazen did for me.  From the time I walked into his office until the trial was over, Mr. Hazen was attentive to details and left no stone unturned. Barry knew the questions and answers to all my wife’s questions before she could finish her questions. That impressed my wife highly! I knew then that we were in good hands.  He is a highly skilled attorney that I have recommended and would without hesitation continue to recommend again.  Barry Hazen is the Defense Attorney that you want standing by your side representing you in your time of defense. He restored my joy and brought peace back into my life. Words cannot express the love my wife and I have for Barry Hazen. He is an attorney that fights with a passion for his client(s) and at the end of representing you, he will be a person that you can say that he represented you like a BROTHER!

~ F and T

I was sixteen years old and charged with a murder I did not commit. I wasn’t even there. The real murderer made a statement using me as an alibi. Instead of investigating the alibi, the police accused me of the murder as well. Mr. Hazen agreed to represent me although I had no money. He promised me I would be free before the Braves opening night. I was pronounced Not Guilty the day before the Braves opener. We went to the game together. He has remained my best friend ever since that ordeal 20 years ago.

~ BB

Barry Hazen is an excellent and caring lawyer. His staff is always helpful.

~ LW

Equitable Building, Suite 2060, 100 Peachtree St. NE, Atlanta Georgia 30303